Come Play in Milwaukee!

Playworks Milwaukee is thrilled to be partnering with Get Active Today to share the power of play with you. We will share some of our favorite games and reveal some exciting developments for play, physical activity and learning in Milwaukee. Here’s a bit about us before diving into the fun stuff; although the fun stuff is what we are all about here at Playworks.

Playworks Milwaukee Staff

Playworks is a 15-year-old national nonprofit organization that brings play and physical activity to more than 2,500 students in seven low-income schools in Milwaukee. In addition, the organization serves low-income schools in 22 cities around the country. We launched in January, and are growing quickly, with plans to reach more students during the 2012-13 school year.

We are thrilled to be working with the following schools:

  • Brown Street Academy
  • Clement Avenue School
  • Hamlin Garland Elementary
  • Hi-Mount Community School
  • La Escuela Fratney
  • Samuel Clemens Elementary
  • Siefert Elementary

The Playworks team believes that play is an essential part of the growth and learning process of children. Through play, children build social, emotional and physical skills. Play can support healthy, safe and inclusive communities in schools and support in-class learning. That is where our fabulous coaches come into play.

Playworks coaches work full-time in low-income schools across the country. They use recess, class game time, out-of-school programming, youth leadership development and interscholastic developmental sports leagues to create healthy and safe play in our schools. The coaches become a part of the fabric of the school community, bringing with them a great set of games, high energy and plenty of high fives. The turnaround in student behavior is nearly immediate in Playworks schools.

As Coach Mitch at Hamlin Garland Elementary School noticed, the kids involved in his youth leadership “Junior Coach” program went from some of the shyest kids in the school to taking leadership roles and actively supporting their classmates. Coach Tony at Siefert Elementary shared that a student of his “now stands up for the girls he once terrorized” and all because “he realized he could do anything he put his mind to.” All this was accomplished with these coaches in their schools for just two months. These stories are not isolated. We at Playworks know the power of play can change lives and accelerate learning in the classroom.

We cannot wait to share more of these inspiring stories with you, as well as tips for incorporating the power of play in your own lives.

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