Greg Marshall Vlogs about his recent trip to the Brewers’ spring training in Arizona. He shares how he recently reconnected to baseball….and how baseball has reconnected him to family and rekindled a spirit of play.

Background music performed by Greg Marshall.

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12 Responses to “Baseball”

  1. ryan says:

    great piece greg. nice blend of music, poetry and storytelling. it had me reminiscing about not only some of those childhood home run derbys but of the friends that were developed in the process.

  2. Chris says:

    Very touching. It definitely rings true. Very artsy, and heartfelt. Lots of good advise and personal story. Cool.

  3. Aunt Karen says:

    that was amazing to watch, thank you for sharing!! Who would of thought your grandparents would be part of a Vlog, again it was amazing!

  4. Neal says:

    What an awesome piece Greg.
    You are a wordsmith and a spinner of tales. To take the love of the game and describe what many of us go through yet lack the words to put into context is amazing.
    Keep this up Greg this is good stuff….see ya at the old ball park buddy….

  5. amy agnew says:

    love this stuff greg- the other day…trav and I went to the park with elias and played tag with some kids- then had a 2 on 1 game of b-ball- I lost 6-10, on the long walk home i just kept thinking- i would not change a thing about his day- so simple but so perfect b/c i was with the ones i love the most!- i was reminded of it the next few days with sore muscles!- peace

  6. C. Pond says:

    I met your Dad in Newberry, SC and he shared your blog with me. I enjoyed your commentary and your thoughts about the importance of family and friends.

    Your father is obviously very proud of you.

    Keep up the great work.

    C K Pond

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