Jennifer C

Jennifer is a food educator dedicated to helping people make healthy choices for themselves, their communities, and the planet. This is why joined the Get Active Today advisory board - to grow her impact. Jennifer is both a Registered and Clinical Dietitian. For Get Active Today, she provide recommendations on resources, is a regular on air and contributes to this blog. For her day job, she conducts individual nutrition educations, teaches weekly cooking classes, oversees the garden program, and performs community outreach that promotes diabetes prevention and control at the Gerald L Ignace Indian Health Center, Milwaukee’s urban American Indian health center. As a good food advocate, she is active volunteer for Slow Food Wisconsin Southeast, currently serving as the Food Biodiversity committee chair. She is a member of the Wisconsin Organic Advisory Council as of 2010 and helped to organize Milwaukee’s Eat Local Challenge from 2007-2009. Before entering the field of nutrition, Jennifer was a professional cook; working in restaurants, operating a small pastry business at a farmer's market, and catering backstage at a music venue as well as for private clients. Schooled at the Natural Gourmet Cookery Institute in NYC, her cooking philosophy comes from a whole foods perspective. Her formal nutrition studies began at the University of Vermont, culminating in a degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Illinois-Chicago.

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